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Development-related information about eMusic/J

eMusic/J 0.19 released – now with less mess!

After several months of not getting around to it, I’ve finally put out a new version of eMusic/J. There aren’t a huge number of changes in this one, but there is one that will be significant for new users: it no longer requires Sun Java, any 1.4 Java environment will do the job. Thanks to… Read More »

The Wires are Burning

Early today (give or take) NZ time, eMusic/J was featured in comments on both Slashdot and Digg. As a result, on the 24th of May, there were 56 downloads of eMusic/J, compared to a typical day of around about 5. Hopefully this will help the userbase grow a good bit. Oh, and before you ask,… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.18

The other day I finally put out another release of eMusic/J. Here’s what’s changed: Renamed ‘None’ to ‘Clear’ for the .emp drop for button, added a ‘Clear’ button to the proxy settings Allowed proxy settings able to be cleared (fixes bug #14) – Oops, turned out there was a bug here. My fault 🙂 Made… Read More »

x86_64 version of eMusic/J

I’ve had a couple of requests from people for a 64-bit version of eMusic/J. So I made one. It’s theoretically just a matter of substituting the appropriate SWT libraries with the 64-bit versions, but I have no way of testing it. I have heard that it worked, but required a bit of finagling with system… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.17

eMusic/J 0.17 has been released! I’ll start with the obligitory changelog annotation, even though there’s a fair bit of small, boring stuff in it. Added new set of icons, from Liron Tocker ( More on this below. About text box now has a scrollbar (fixes bug #7), changed the look of it a bit to… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.16

The new version is in the usual place. Well, finally I put the major feature into eMusic/J that I was waiting for before I put out a new release: the drop directory thing. There are a bunch of other changes, and I’ll just put a narrated and abridged version of the changelog here. If a… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.15

I got a bunch of UI updates in, so it should now look/behave a little bit better. Here’s what’s changed: The display for the title and download status no longer gets ugly when the title is long. Now the download status will always be displayed, and the title truncated. The status is also in bold… Read More »

eMusic/J website update finished

Well, mostly. I’ve finished rearranging the content on it so that it’s no longer in one great big page. Now all the important stuff is on the front page, and all the stuff that people are only likely to use a little bit are a click away. It still needs a real user manual, but… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.14 is out

Run to your nearest browser and get your copy now!. I didn’t get the drop directory stuff I hoped done, but the main thing I did get done is the application icon (well, James did that a while back, I just had to find the time to put it in), and a system tray icon.… Read More »

New eMusic/J page

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find some time to put a bit of work into eMusic/J. In preperation for tidying up the webpage, I’ve moved it to its own group on the wiki, so there is a new URL: This will make it easier to split the page into parts, the homepage having the pertinent information… Read More »