eMusic/J 0.15

By | January 4, 2006

I got a bunch of UI updates in, so it should now look/behave a little bit better. Here’s what’s changed:

  • The display for the title and download status no longer gets ugly when the title is long. Now the download status will always be displayed, and the title truncated. The status is also in bold so it stands out a bit.
  • ‘Stopped’ has been renamed to ‘Cancelled’ in order to be a bit clearer about what is really going on. The original separation was due to the ‘pause’ button simply pausing the loop that does the downloading and writing out of data. That is an ugly, ugly way of doing things and it got removed as soon as I worked out how to do download resuming, but the messages never got updated to what made the most sense.
  • Added a ‘Cancel all’ menu item. Most useful to prevent having to manually go through and cancel every track seperately if you accidentally add an out of date EMP file.
  • Added a status bar that indicates when the downloads are paused, this’ll probably be used for more things in the future. Turns out SWT (if you’re not building an Eclipse application) has no native ‘StatusBar’ class, but it was easy enough to stick in a block with a label in it.

Aside: Samson, you’ll be happy to note this covers all the things you brought up a little while back 🙂

Go get it!

2 thoughts on “eMusic/J 0.15

  1. tikitu

    It would seem to cover almost *exclusively* the things I brought up a while back ^_^ Glad to see you’re on the job. (In other news, this comment sat for some three hours while I cleared my Bloglines. “Submit” button? What is this thing of which you speak?)

  2. robin Post author

    Well, yes. But some (well, one) of them was on my todo list anyway.

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