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Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is another one of those oft-recommended attractions for visitors to Amsterdam. While it was the actual brewery until 1988, now it is a well-manufactured, high-tech visitor experience showing the history and the process of making “premium quality” Heineken beer. And a lot about the branding. Mustn’t forget that.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

One of the standard must-do things for many tourists visiting Amsterdam who spend all of their time in the city centre is a visit to a coffee shop to get stoned. This could then be quite naturally followed up with a trip to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum which will take you through the history of the Devil’s Lettuce.

Erotic Museum

The Erotic Museum sits in the middle of Amsterdam’s (in)famous Red Light District. It has four floors, containing various erotically-themed things. There is a lot of art, both modern and historical, displays, books, toys, magazines, equipment, and so on. This post contains pictures from there, and may be NSFW.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

The early seventeenth century was a pretty strange time in the Netherlands. Tulip mania was all around, livelihoods were being built up, merchants were raking it in, and then it all came crashing down. So it’s quite natural that someone made a Tulip Museum to capitalise on this.

Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon is not something I’d put on a Wikipedia list of museums, but it was there and so I went. Ostensibly it’s historical, and it does cover some of the history of Amsterdam. But you’re not going to learn all that much. What it really is, is a somewhat interactive “house of horrors” type event, where the theme is the more violent or gruesome elements of Amsterdam’s history.