eMusic/J 0.14 is out

By | December 29, 2005

Run to your nearest browser and get your copy now!.

I didn’t get the drop directory stuff I hoped done, but the main thing I did get done is the application icon (well, James did that a while back, I just had to find the time to put it in), and a system tray icon. The program can minimise to that icon, so it can just be left running happily in the background, downloading things, out of the way. It also changes colour to indicate whether or not something is being downloaded. Fancy, huh?

The other thing of significance in it is I’ve modified the way a bit of the GUI system works internally. You won’t really notice it, or care, but it makes many things a lot easier development-wise (for the technically inclined, it now has the ability to queue up GUI events to have them happen at a later time. Mostly this means that if it gets asked to display something before the GUI has come up, such as an error, instead of being discarded it gets displayed once the GUI is running. Told you you wouldn’t care).

Oh, and I started on the website redesign for it, too. That’ll get finished some time.

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