eMusic/J website update finished

By | January 2, 2006

Well, mostly. I’ve finished rearranging the content on it so that it’s no longer in one great big page. Now all the important stuff is on the front page, and all the stuff that people are only likely to use a little bit are a click away.

It still needs a real user manual, but I might put some extra investigation into this. What I’d like is one that can be written up on the wiki, and is automatically imported into the program when I do a build for release. That also relies on me working out:

  1. how to include HTML files and images into a JAR file
  2. how to read said HTML and image files from the JAR file
  3. how to use the SWT browser component on these files

I’m already doing parts of the first two in the program (for the button and app icons), so it may not be too hard. We’ll see.

Check the new page out and let me know.

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