New eMusic/J page

By | December 28, 2005

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find some time to put a bit of work into eMusic/J. In preperation for tidying up the webpage, I’ve moved it to its own group on the wiki, so there is a new URL: This will make it easier to split the page into parts, the homepage having the pertinent information and download information, etc, along with sections for things like old versions and proper documentation.

Documentation is needed for two reasons: one is that part of my 1.0 goal is to have the ‘help’ menu actually be useful, so I need to write something up and have it embedded into the program. The other is that in the next version (or maybe the one following, I’ll see how hard it is), I want to have support for a drop directory, and unlike the rest of the program (I hope), that is something that could do with actual explaining.

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