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By | March 1, 2006

I’ve had a couple of requests from people for a 64-bit version of eMusic/J. So I made one. It’s theoretically just a matter of substituting the appropriate SWT libraries with the 64-bit versions, but I have no way of testing it. I have heard that it worked, but required a bit of finagling with system libraries (freetype, in particular), so I’d like feedback from anyone with a machine that can run this as to how it works for them. The alternative, of course, would be for someone to buy me a machine to test it on myself 😉

It can be found on the download page.

3 thoughts on “x86_64 version of eMusic/J

  1. Sean Flanigan

    I think it is indeed just a matter of substituting the SWT libraries. That’s what I’ve been doing myself for the last two versions, and it’s been working perfectly.

    Then I noticed the 64-bit version on the eMusic/J home page. I’ve just downloaded a few dozen tracks with it, no problems at all. I’m using SUSE 10.0, by the way.

    Thanks very much!

  2. robin Post author

    Cheers for the feedback. I was pretty sure that was the case, but I had no way to test it. However, since I posted this I have heard from one or two others saying it worked for them just fine. At the same time, I also changed the repository version a bit, so that it will pick up the correct libraries, and the build script will produce both version so that it then just takes me 2 seconds to tar them each up and upload them to the webserver.

  3. charles

    I can say that the 64-bit version is the best thing since sliced bread. No really it works fantastically, and so does the 32-bit version while I’m at it.

    As a new emusic user I didnt think I’d be able to use the download manager feature, I am very happy to have found your site.

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