eMusic/J 0.17

By | February 6, 2006

eMusic/J 0.17 has been released!

I’ll start with the obligitory changelog annotation, even though there’s a fair bit of small, boring stuff in it.

  • Added new set of icons, from Liron Tocker (http://lironbot.com). More on this below.
  • About text box now has a scrollbar (fixes bug #7), changed the look of
    it a bit to include new app logo
    Scrollbars aren’t exciting, but the logo looks cool
  • System tray icon now changes when all downloads are paused (fixes bug #8) …boring
  • When eMusic/J is opened, any downloads that had failed will now be tried
    again (fixes #11)
    I bet noone will notice, but downloads will get restarted if you restart the program, even if they were sitting on ‘failed (5)’. I was in two minds about this, as I’d like to have pretty much all the program state remain between restarts, but it seems like a good idea to have it retry this.
  • Requeuing a track resets its download failure count (fixes #11) It was dumb that it didn’t.
  • ‘Finished’ has been renamed to ‘Completed’ (fixes #12) It does sound a bit nicer, don’t you think?
  • Pause/resume downloads from system tray icon (fixes #9) The system tray menu now has an entry for this.

Oh, all the ‘fixed #xyz’ stuff refers to tickets in the bug tracking system.

Anyway, the icons. Liron Tocker did a set for it that I think look really quite slick. You can see them on her deviant art page, or see a screenshot here. Or, download the new version!

Now that I’ve gotten rid of a lot of little things, getting a 1.0 release is looking closer. There’s only two things on my list right now, although I fully expect that to grow before it shrinks, they’re both things that I have been effectively putting off for a while now.

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