The Wires are Burning

By | May 25, 2006

Early today (give or take) NZ time, eMusic/J was featured in comments on both Slashdot and Digg.

As a result, on the 24th of May, there were 56 downloads of eMusic/J, compared to a typical day of around about 5. Hopefully this will help the userbase grow a good bit. Oh, and before you ask, it wasn’t me talking about it online, it was random people who I don’t know 🙂

One thought on “The Wires are Burning

  1. tikitu

    Hey, congrats 🙂 Now of course you’re going to have to post the obligatory badly-labelled chart showing relative effects of the two bumps, and give an off-the-cuff analysis of what it says about global trends in collaborative blah blah doowop wibble.

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