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eMusic/J 0.21 released

After a hiatus of about a year, I finally made a new release of eMusic/J. This was mostly caused by the change in the file format that eMusic provides for downloading albums. This version is (internally) quite different to the old one, as it is set up to make it easy to produce customised versions,… Read More »

eMusic/J for Windows, OSX

Just recently, eMusic updated their download manager to one based on XULRunner, to the outcries of many people on the forums. So I took the work I did for Naxos a while back, and built Windows and Mac OSX versions of my formerly-Linux-only eMusic/J download manager. I’ve had feedback on the Windows version saying that… Read More »

Getting OpenDoc events on Mac OS X with SWT

I currently am doing some spare-time work for Naxos (the music label), customising my Java-based, open-source downloader, eMusic/J, to work with their Classicsonline download service. This means taking what was a Linux-only application and making it work on Windows and Mac OS X also. Getting the Linux version was obviously easy, I’d already done… Read More »

Dependency injection is my new best friend

I recently saw mention that Google had released Guice, their internal dependency injection framework. As an experiment, I ported a few parts of the web application I’m working on for work to use it. I’ve never used dependency injection before, and so it was a chance to learn about it too. The executive summary is… Read More »

CACert points

I now have the maximum possible number of assurance points for CACert, 150. This means two things. One is that I can now get SSL and email certificates that last two years, and the other is that I can now allocate points to others. So if anyone who happens to be in the same place… Read More »

Good feedback

A few days back I posted this, where I mentioned the lack of wireless access at Christchurch airport. Today, I got a reply saying that they’ll be doing something about that. I’m pleasantly surprised that a company like that (I always think of airports as kinda staid and conservative, that may not actually be the… Read More »

LCA2007 + Australia holiday

All my transport for 2007 is booked, and there’s quite a comfortable holiday surrounding it all. I have yet to pay for the conference itself, but that’s because they’re having technical problems it seems. (Update: turns out the payment went through fine) My itinerary is: 11/01: Christchurch -> Melbourne 14/01: Melbourne -> Sydney, Conference… Read More »

FFmpeg, Flash movies, and bad frame counts

For work stuff, I’ve been needing to set up a script to convert videos from whatever form they come in as to SWF (or, really, FLV embedded in SWF). The best thing for this that I found was FFmpeg. It does just about anything. One thing it doesn’t seem to do however is produce SWF… Read More »

Fixing broken dates

When I was home over the weekend, I was working on helping my parents sort out the photos they took while they were in Europe. Doing this, I noticed that the date on the camera was out by a month. Being a stickler for correct metadata, I tried to figure out a way to fix… Read More »

Ubuntu and the Epson Stylus CX5900

I spent some time over the weekend getting my parent’s new Epson CX5900 printer/scanner to work. It seems to be either so new or so uncommon that Ubuntu didn’t really know what to do with it. So here I’ll document what I had to do (and then I’ll go file some bug reports so the… Read More »