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Making the Hercules DJ Control MP3 work with Mixxx

(Note: files updated for Ubuntu 8.04) (Another note: this is all unnecessary now, as Hercules has released Linux drivers for their devices. Just install, and away it goes.) A little while back, I got a Hercules DJ Control MP3, which is an entry-level DJ console that connects to the computer with USB. Unlike most of… Read More »

eMusic/J for Windows, OSX

Just recently, eMusic updated their download manager to one based on XULRunner, to the outcries of many people on the forums. So I took the work I did for Naxos a while back, and built Windows and Mac OSX versions of my formerly-Linux-only eMusic/J download manager. I’ve had feedback on the Windows version saying that… Read More »

Because music wants to be free!

Recently I have discovered a really cool website, Jamendo. In a nutshell, it provides free music. Unlike most uses of P2P, it does so legitimately. The creators are required to release under one of the Creative Commons licenses, so you can be sure that not only is noone going to mind you having it, but… Read More »