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By | December 11, 2006

Recently I have discovered a really cool website, Jamendo. In a nutshell, it provides free music. Unlike most uses of P2P, it does so legitimately. The creators are required to release under one of the Creative Commons licenses, so you can be sure that not only is noone going to mind you having it, but they’re going to be happy if you pass it along, or remix it (depends on the artist), or whatever.

The site also makes it easy to find new stuff (for those in the know, it’s very ‘Web 2.0’ :)), and to send a donation to the artist if you like.

There’s a heap of French music on there, it is based in France and I guess it got pushed there a bit or something. However, although I’m less fussed on the French language stuff, there is still a lot of English stuff too. And German metal and industrial, which is nice, too.

It’d be great to see more people, especially local people, getting into this kind of thing.

One of the features of the site is that you can write reviews on albums that are automatically synchronised to a blog. So I plan on doing that. Expect to see a whole lot of links to and reviews of free metal, industrial, synth-industrial, and gothic (and whatever else I hear that I feel is worth writing about) to come through here. I’ve already found a few albums I really like, and I haven’t spent a whole lot of time looking.

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