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YubiKey logins with SSH

I have just acquired a YubiKey (the standard one) and wanted to use it to provide 2-factor authentication for SSH. In case I lose the key, I also want a fallback option so I don’t lose access to the server. The documentation for this seems a bit scattered, so here’s my reference for how I… Read More »

Per-user traffic monitoring on OpenWRT

Today I had cause to want to track the per-user (per-MAC address, really) traffic counts on an OpenWRT-based router. There’s nothing I could see that was built in, so I dug around and found wrtbwmon, which is a pretty good script for this sort of thing. However, it doesn’t work with the OpenWRT version I’m… Read More »

Monitoring Puppet with Nagios

I’ve been setting up a Puppet system at work so we can easily set up virtual servers, and also so that all the configuration is in one place. Yesterday, someone suggested to me how I can have our existing Nagios system monitor the state of the puppet configuration. This allows me to be notified if… Read More »

Making the Hercules DJ Control MP3 work with Mixxx

(Note: files updated for Ubuntu 8.04) (Another note: this is all unnecessary now, as Hercules has released Linux drivers for their devices. Just install, and away it goes.) A little while back, I got a Hercules DJ Control MP3, which is an entry-level DJ console that connects to the computer with USB. Unlike most of… Read More »

Good feedback

A few days back I posted this, where I mentioned the lack of wireless access at Christchurch airport. Today, I got a reply saying that they’ll be doing something about that. I’m pleasantly surprised that a company like that (I always think of airports as kinda staid and conservative, that may not actually be the… Read More »

LCA2007 + Australia holiday

All my transport for 2007 is booked, and there’s quite a comfortable holiday surrounding it all. I have yet to pay for the conference itself, but that’s because they’re having technical problems it seems. (Update: turns out the payment went through fine) My itinerary is: 11/01: Christchurch -> Melbourne 14/01: Melbourne -> Sydney, Conference… Read More »

Fixing broken dates

When I was home over the weekend, I was working on helping my parents sort out the photos they took while they were in Europe. Doing this, I noticed that the date on the camera was out by a month. Being a stickler for correct metadata, I tried to figure out a way to fix… Read More »

Ubuntu and the Epson Stylus CX5900

I spent some time over the weekend getting my parent’s new Epson CX5900 printer/scanner to work. It seems to be either so new or so uncommon that Ubuntu didn’t really know what to do with it. So here I’ll document what I had to do (and then I’ll go file some bug reports so the… Read More »

Moving server

I’ve finally gotten around to putting all my stuff onto a real server. Well, I guess it’s not a real server, as it doesn’t actually exist anywhere. But it’s a real virtual server, as opposed to the quaint Pentium Celeron 466 that was doing the job. It’s now hosted by TekTonic, who do a… Read More »

Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) upgrade

A few days back I upgraded my machine to the newest Ubuntu release. As is often the case with upgrades like this, there were a few issues. The main one is a conflict between my M2N4-SLI motherboard and the 2.6.17 kernel. I get the impression that Asus has left quite a few bugs in the… Read More »