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YubiKey logins with SSH

I have just acquired a YubiKey (the standard one) and wanted to use it to provide 2-factor authentication for SSH. In case I lose the key, I also want a fallback option so I don’t lose access to the server. The documentation for this seems a bit scattered, so here’s my reference for how I… Read More »

Monitoring Puppet with Nagios

I’ve been setting up a Puppet system at work so we can easily set up virtual servers, and also so that all the configuration is in one place. Yesterday, someone suggested to me how I can have our existing Nagios system monitor the state of the puppet configuration. This allows me to be notified if… Read More »

CACert points

I now have the maximum possible number of assurance points for CACert, 150. This means two things. One is that I can now get SSL and email certificates that last two years, and the other is that I can now allocate points to others. So if anyone who happens to be in the same place… Read More »

Moving server

I’ve finally gotten around to putting all my stuff onto a real server. Well, I guess it’s not a real server, as it doesn’t actually exist anywhere. But it’s a real virtual server, as opposed to the quaint Pentium Celeron 466 that was doing the job. It’s now hosted by TekTonic, who do a… Read More »

Making webalizer do DNS lookups

The default install of Webalizer on Debian doesn’t perform DNS lookups on the log files, although it is capable of it. There are three ways of getting Webalizer to do this, in rough order of recommendedness: 1) make your webserver do the lookups when it writes the logfiles (this makes your webserver slower, and has… Read More »