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By | November 11, 2006

I’ve finally gotten around to putting all my stuff onto a real server. Well, I guess it’s not a real server, as it doesn’t actually exist anywhere. But it’s a real virtual server, as opposed to the quaint Pentium Celeron 466 that was doing the job.

It’s now hosted by TekTonic, who do a pretty good deal for a fairly minimal unmanaged virtual server. It’s the first one of those listed that I’ve got. The CPU is more than enough for what I’m going to be doing, and the bandwidth is many times better than the 256k/128k that the old server was on. The only catch really is the disk, I have not too far off 10G of stuff to put on it. Of course, I guess I could delete some email or something…

I’m hoping that someone builds a system that lets me use Amazon S3 to store the photos in gallery, that’ll make life a lot easier, as then I won’t have to worry about space on it at all.

Anyway, the migration is still in progress. was moved first, as that was pretty easy, and I now have on there, except gallery. Now it’s just the other websites that are hosted there, and finally the mail. Mail is going to be the most tricky, as new mail will always be coming in, and it has a fairly complex setup. A curious side-effect of it being split up like this, is that if one webmail user sends an email to another webmail user, it will travel to the US and back up to four times, as it’s stored in NZ, the webmail runs in the US, and then that’s likely to be viewed in NZ again. However, this will become a little more sane soon I hope.

The eventual upshot of this is that for the first time in years, I won’t have to have a computer running in my bedroom 24/7 🙂

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