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YubiKey logins with SSH

I have just acquired a YubiKey (the standard one) and wanted to use it to provide 2-factor authentication for SSH. In case I lose the key, I also want a fallback option so I don’t lose access to the server. The documentation for this seems a bit scattered, so here’s my reference for how I… Read More »

CACert points

I now have the maximum possible number of assurance points for CACert, 150. This means two things. One is that I can now get SSL and email certificates that last two years, and the other is that I can now allocate points to others. So if anyone who happens to be in the same place… Read More »

Paypal sending fake-looking emails

Someone at paypal doesn’t get phishing, and is sending out emails that look like they really could be scams. Not only that, but the email shouldn’t even be sent, according to the paypal preferences. read more | digg story