Fixing broken dates

By | November 24, 2006

When I was home over the weekend, I was working on helping my parents sort out the photos they took while they were in Europe. Doing this, I noticed that the date on the camera was out by a month. Being a stickler for correct metadata, I tried to figure out a way to fix this. This is the command line that I came up with. I’ve broken it into multiple lines here for clarity.

for f in *.jpg ; do 
    NEWDATE=`exiftool -CreateDate $f | 
        perl -pe 's/.*: 2006:([^:]+):/sprintf "2006:%02d:", ($1+1)/e'`; 
    echo $f: $NEWDATE; 
    exiftool -CreateDate="$NEWDATE" -DateTimeOriginal="$NEWDATE" $f; 

This will modify the month field in the EXIF data of each file by increasing it by 1. It doesn’t handle wrap around or anything, I didn’t need to do that. The fanciest it gets is making sure there’s the correct number of zeros padding the number.

You don’t want to run this twice.

2 thoughts on “Fixing broken dates

  1. Tom Eastman

    The tool ‘jhead’ (also used by Gallery) is your friend here.

    You could have gone:

    $ jhead -ta+744 *.jpg

    Basically, that example adds 744 hours (31 days) to the date. Also have a look at the man page for the ‘-da’ option.

    ‘jhead’ is great.

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