LCA2007 + Australia holiday

By | December 1, 2006

All my transport for 2007 is booked, and there’s quite a comfortable holiday surrounding it all. I have yet to pay for the conference itself, but that’s because they’re having technical problems it seems. (Update: turns out the payment went through fine)

My itinerary is:

  • 11/01: Christchurch -> Melbourne
  • 14/01: Melbourne -> Sydney, Conference checkin
  • 20/01: Conference checkout
  • 24/01: Sydney -> Canberra
  • 27/01: Canberra -> Brisbane
  • 31/01: Brisbane -> Christchurch

Involved in this, are four plane flights with three different airlines, and a train ride from Sydney to Canberra. It should be fun.

There is a lot going on at the conference. I haven’t yet gone through that properly to see what I want to go to. If I’m lucky, I’ll manage to get a laptop for the duration, which will mean I can go to the tutorials (this one on GTK could be interesting, an alternative to using SWT in Java).

Aside from that, there’s a fair number of family and friends to visit in all the places. It seems that half the people I know have ended up in Sydney, and a sizable chunk of the rest scattered around a bit further away.

My credit card is just about smoking from all the money passing through it though…

4 thoughts on “LCA2007 + Australia holiday

  1. tikitu

    Wow, going to be tight catching up with you, since I won’t be leaving Golden Bay until after the 11th… First week of Feb, I guess.

  2. Robin Post author

    Yeah, you’d said something about being down here at the start of Feb I think.

  3. Jeremy

    Yo! Where is the conf. held? CBD or in the wops? hmm… we’ll have to go out in Newtown and Darling Harbor and maybe Kings Cross. We’ll see.


  4. Robin Post author

    Hey there, the conference is at the Uni of NSW, but I’ve got a few days to spare after it, so there’ll be time then (and maybe during) to go places.

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