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eMusic/J 0.27 released

The first update of eMusic/J in about 4 years has been released. Nothing exciting about it, it just fixes some compatibility issues with newer Java things on Windows and Linux. Download it here.

YubiKey logins with SSH

I have just acquired a YubiKey (the standard one) and wanted to use it to provide 2-factor authentication for SSH. In case I lose the key, I also want a fallback option so I don’t lose access to the server. The documentation for this seems a bit scattered, so here’s my reference for how I… Read More »

Per-user traffic monitoring on OpenWRT

Today I had cause to want to track the per-user (per-MAC address, really) traffic counts on an OpenWRT-based router. There’s nothing I could see that was built in, so I dug around and found wrtbwmon, which is a pretty good script for this sort of thing. However, it doesn’t work with the OpenWRT version I’m… Read More »

Thesis Submitted!

I meant to post this here a while back, but kinda forgot to. Anyway, on Monday last week I finally submitted my thesis. The title is “The Impact of Representation on the Evolution of Genetic Algorithms.” Now I just need to sit back and wait until the examiners get it, mark it, and probably send… Read More »

Monitoring Puppet with Nagios

I’ve been setting up a Puppet system at work so we can easily set up virtual servers, and also so that all the configuration is in one place. Yesterday, someone suggested to me how I can have our existing Nagios system monitor the state of the puppet configuration. This allows me to be notified if… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.25 released

First update in a while, just fixes to various things. Overhauled the filename cleaning stuff, hopefully finally fixing issues on windows. — found more filenames that windows dies on, so this deals with them. Hopefully that’s the last of them. If the option ‘spacesToUnderscore’ is ‘true’ then spaces will be converted to underscores in filenames.… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.24 released

This is a pretty small one, mostly just to fix a problem some people were having. Changelog: Truncate the pathname to save files to if it gets too long on windows (which has stupidly low limits) Some classical albums have really long names, and there were some that couldn’t be downloaded as a result. This… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.23 released

I’ve just put out eMusic/J 0.23. The main reason for getting this out there is that there is a bugfix for a problem that occurs in a certain (rare) circumstance. Here’s a list of the changes: Allow multiple tracks to be selected This means you can shift-click or control-click to perform operations on multiple tracks.… Read More »

Making the Hercules DJ Control MP3 work with Mixxx

(Note: files updated for Ubuntu 8.04) (Another note: this is all unnecessary now, as Hercules has released Linux drivers for their devices. Just install, and away it goes.) A little while back, I got a Hercules DJ Control MP3, which is an entry-level DJ console that connects to the computer with USB. Unlike most of… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.22 released

They’re coming thick and fast now, I’ve just released a new version of eMusic/J. Here are the changes: Added quotes around $@ in launch script to make it work better with some temp file names. If your browser stores files in a location with a space in the path, eMusic/J probably would have had issues… Read More »