eMusic/J 0.23 released

By | January 15, 2008

I’ve just put out eMusic/J 0.23. The main reason for getting this out there is that there is a bugfix for a problem that occurs in a certain (rare) circumstance.

Here’s a list of the changes:

  • Allow multiple tracks to be selected This means you can shift-click or control-click to perform operations on multiple tracks. This is a prelude to drag-and-drop support, which I hope to get to some time soon.
  • Adds auto-remove timer to tracks that were finished when the program started Previously, and tracks there when the program started were never cleared automatically. Now they are.
  • Trim spaces from ends of album/track/artist names as vfat doesn’t like them
  • Changed default save location of files to ~/Music or ~/My Music (whichever exists), defaulting to the first one if neither do This should make its default save location a bit nicer on various platforms.
  • Fixed an infinite loop if the album/artist/track names contain a path wildcard (e.g. %t). Thanks to Hugh Brackett for spotting this one. This caused the program to peg the CPU on this album due to the track “S#%t Outta Luck”

It can be downloaded from the eMusic/J homepage.

An extra note, a customised version of this program was developed for Reggae Country to use with their download service. Thanks for their support!

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