eMusic/J 0.24 released

By | February 14, 2008

This is a pretty small one, mostly just to fix a problem some people were having.


  • Truncate the pathname to save files to if it gets too long on windows (which has stupidly low limits) Some classical albums have really long names, and there were some that couldn’t be downloaded as a result. This hopefully fixes the problem, although I haven’t tested it yet.
  • Added option to allow the user to specify that they don’t want cover art to be downloaded. This is done by adding the line ‘downloadCoverArt=false’ to ~/.emusicj/emusicj.prop. Someone wanted this, I can’t remember why, but it was easy enough to do.
  • Updated build.xml to allow more flexible compiles, such as not always creating a dist build Apparently some people are making distro packages of eMusic/J, and this makes life easier for them. Related to this, I’ve started posting the source code of each release on the site, too.

It can be downloaded here.

6 thoughts on “eMusic/J 0.24 released

  1. Jxn

    Hey, I have noticed a problem with the emusic/J wiki. The download page, among others, do not display, asking first for a password. Is this intentional? I cannot reach the download anymore, but would love to update.

    Thanks for the excellent alternative download manager!


  2. Raine

    Where is “~/.emusicj/emusicj.props” on Windows?

  3. Robin Post author

    On UNIX-like machines, ~ means your home directory. In windows, it depends on your version. I think in XP it’s /Documents and Settings/username.

  4. Raine

    Found it. Thanks. It’s “C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\.emusicj\emusicj.prop” (no ‘s’ at the end).

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