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Thesis Submitted!

I meant to post this here a while back, but kinda forgot to. Anyway, on Monday last week I finally submitted my thesis. The title is “The Impact of Representation on the Evolution of Genetic Algorithms.” Now I just need to sit back and wait until the examiners get it, mark it, and probably send… Read More »

Evolutionary art

Found on Digg: “Once enough votes have been collected, the genetic algorithm gets to work. It picks the good images and breeds them using either mutation or crossing-over. Since the images’ genes are just trees, it is simple to cross-over two of them and produce new ones.” It’s a nice idea, similar-but-different to what I’m… Read More »

Coding with a LISP

A few years ago, I learnt LISP at university. Just for a semester, write a poetry generator, things like that. All pretty simple. I didn’t get into it much at the time, beyond what I had to, but I do remember thinking that it looked like quite a powerful and fun language. A while ago,… Read More »

Neural Network Learning Tastes

A little project I’m working on at the moment: creating a neural network that will (maybe) learn the aesthetic tastes of a person. There are two parts to this, the first creates tree-like shapes (what Richard Dawkins calls biomorphs in his book The Blind Watchmaker). Here is an online demo of these biomorphs. My version… Read More »