Wonderful ad association

For a while now, it’s been the thing to have computers associate ads with the content of the page they show up in. What computers can’t do so well yet is determine if a particular association is in bad taste or not. This inability leads to things like this:

CACert points

I now have the maximum possible number of assurance points for CACert, 150. This means two things. One is that I can now get SSL and email certificates that last two years, and the other is that I can now allocate points to others. So if anyone who happens to be in the same place… Read More »

National icons as consumables

Today was apparently the hottest day Sydney has seen so far this summer. As someone who finds 25 degrees uncomfortably warm, the 35-40 degrees we had today was a bit much. It didn’t help that most of what I was doing involved walking from Pyrmont (where I am right now) to The Rocks, and back… Read More »

Gnome miniconf: Jokosher

(Jono Bacon) Jokosher is aimed at being an audio production tool for Gnome, to replace things like Cubase. Jono is of Lugradio fame, and spent some time complaining about the lack of good audio mixing and editing tools on Linux, so the community got Jokosher started. It’s looking quite good, and hopefully a near final… Read More »

Gnome miniconf: Synchronization and GNOME

(John Stowers) John’s showing off a program called Conduit. It’s a really interesting looking application that is used to move data from one application to another (or visa-versa). The kinds of things that a looks like it can do at this stage is synchronising a folder of pictures, and flickr, or Tomboy synchronising notes onto… Read More »

Debian Miniconf: Keith Packard’s talk on ‘stuff’

I’m currently sitting listening to Keith Packard talk. He’s good at it. He’s discussing all the new developments in X.org. As always, it’s looking quite good. Finally, things like dual-head and plugging extra monitors into laptops will just work automatically. Apparently, it’ll no longer be actually possible to do it from xorg.conf, instead it’ll all… Read More »

Good feedback

A few days back I posted this, where I mentioned the lack of wireless access at Christchurch airport. Today, I got a reply saying that they’ll be doing something about that. I’m pleasantly surprised that a company like that (I always think of airports as kinda staid and conservative, that may not actually be the… Read More »

Melbourne Is Warm

Now I’m in Melbourne, I arrived yesterday. It’s a cool day here, only about 24 or so 🙂 I managed to get sunburnt, which is something that hasn’t happened in Dunedin for a while. I’ve just been doing stuff with family. There’s a thing on tonight I wouldn’t mind going out to (this), but I’m… Read More »

Dunedin -> Christchurch

So I arrived at Christchurch airport, thinking that I could use the three hours spare I have (at around 4 in the morning), to update this. However it turns out that there is no public wireless at this airport. Dunedin, and even Invercargill airports have the Telecom hotspot things, but here all you can see… Read More »

Paypal sending fake-looking emails

Someone at paypal doesn’t get phishing, and is sending out emails that look like they really could be scams. Not only that, but the email shouldn’t even be sent, according to the paypal preferences. read more | digg story