Gnome miniconf: Synchronization and GNOME

By | January 15, 2007

(John Stowers)

John’s showing off a program called Conduit. It’s a really interesting looking application that is used to move data from one application to another (or visa-versa). The kinds of things that a looks like it can do at this stage is synchronising a folder of pictures, and flickr, or Tomboy synchronising notes onto an iPod. I think I’d use it mostly to keep a backup of phonenumbers on my cellphone. It does things like conflict resolution, too. Oh, and moving things between machines (e.g. keeping tomboy notes in sync)

Apparently it mostly works with D-bus, which is nice because it’ll encourage apps to use that.

I’m going to have to check this out when it comes out in Ubuntu, apparently a stable release is aimed to go with GNOME 2.20. Don’t know when that is supposed to be, but current Ubuntu is 2.16, so I guess a year or so.

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