Debian Miniconf: Keith Packard’s talk on ‘stuff’

By | January 15, 2007

I’m currently sitting listening to Keith Packard talk. He’s good at it. He’s discussing all the new developments in As always, it’s looking quite good. Finally, things like dual-head and plugging extra monitors into laptops will just work automatically. Apparently, it’ll no longer be actually possible to do it from xorg.conf, instead it’ll all be done by commands to the extension that controls it. So, GUI configuration and so on. That’ll be great for using things like Linux laptops for presentations.

The other half of his talk is about stuff that’s happening to Intel drivers. Well, actually, starting with some interesting history on video cards and how they were developed. He also says that they have the goal of of ensuring that drivers are available in as soon as a chip is released. That’s good. Otherwise, it’s just covering how Intel interacts with the community. That is to say, well. Everything open source, public and well supported.

It was a fairly mid-to-high level talk, but interesting to see what’s going to be happening on that front.

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