Gnome miniconf: Jokosher

By | January 16, 2007

(Jono Bacon)

Jokosher is aimed at being an audio production tool for Gnome, to replace things like Cubase. Jono is of Lugradio fame, and spent some time complaining about the lack of good audio mixing and editing tools on Linux, so the community got Jokosher started.

It’s looking quite good, and hopefully a near final release is coming out around March. I liked the approach they took to developing the GUI, basically questioning everything, and so it results in a nice simple and sensible-looking application.

The talk consisted of Jono providing background to the project, covering the design decisions, such as why they use things like gstreamer, python, and so on, followed by a demo of it working (mostly, it was from head).

A good effect of this project is that it’s stress-testing the gstreamer framework, and apparently has resulted in a large number of bugs being removed and features added/polished. So this will mean that a lot of audio-related stuff will work better.

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