eMusic/J 0.24 released

This is a pretty small one, mostly just to fix a problem some people were having. Changelog: Truncate the pathname to save files to if it gets too long on windows (which has stupidly low limits) Some classical albums have really long names, and there were some that couldn’t be downloaded as a result. This… Read More »

Kiwi Foo Camp 08

Yesterday I got back from a bit of a holiday in Auckland. The purpose of the trip was to go to Kiwi Foo Camp (a.k.a. Baa Camp). It is a gathering of 150 people with creative interests in various, generally technology related, things. It’s aim is to be a way for all these people to… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.23 released

I’ve just put out eMusic/J 0.23. The main reason for getting this out there is that there is a bugfix for a problem that occurs in a certain (rare) circumstance. Here’s a list of the changes: Allow multiple tracks to be selected This means you can shift-click or control-click to perform operations on multiple tracks.… Read More »

Making the Hercules DJ Control MP3 work with Mixxx

(Note: files updated for Ubuntu 8.04) (Another note: this is all unnecessary now, as Hercules has released Linux drivers for their devices. Just install, and away it goes.) A little while back, I got a Hercules DJ Control MP3, which is an entry-level DJ console that connects to the computer with USB. Unlike most of… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.22 released

They’re coming thick and fast now, I’ve just released a new version of eMusic/J. Here are the changes: Added quotes around $@ in launch script to make it work better with some temp file names. If your browser stores files in a location with a space in the path, eMusic/J probably would have had issues… Read More »

eMusic/J 0.21 released

After a hiatus of about a year, I finally made a new release of eMusic/J. This was mostly caused by the change in the file format that eMusic provides for downloading albums. This version is (internally) quite different to the old one, as it is set up to make it easy to produce customised versions,… Read More »

eMusic/J for Windows, OSX

Just recently, eMusic updated their download manager to one based on XULRunner, to the outcries of many people on the forums. So I took the work I did for Naxos a while back, and built Windows and Mac OSX versions of my formerly-Linux-only eMusic/J download manager. I’ve had feedback on the Windows version saying that… Read More »

Travelling up north

I’m in need of a bit of a holiday, so I’ve booked myself to head up north for a bit over a week. I fly in to Auckland on Friday the 24th of August, on the 25th I’m going to see Psyche, and then on the 28th spend the day bussing down to Wellington. This… Read More »

Getting OpenDoc events on Mac OS X with SWT

I currently am doing some spare-time work for Naxos (the music label), customising my Java-based, open-source eMusic.com downloader, eMusic/J, to work with their Classicsonline download service. This means taking what was a Linux-only application and making it work on Windows and Mac OS X also. Getting the Linux version was obviously easy, I’d already done… Read More »

Dependency injection is my new best friend

I recently saw mention that Google had released Guice, their internal dependency injection framework. As an experiment, I ported a few parts of the web application I’m working on for work to use it. I’ve never used dependency injection before, and so it was a chance to learn about it too. The executive summary is… Read More »