eMusic/J 0.20 – fix for a weird Sun decision

By | September 3, 2006

I’ve just put out an 0.20 release of eMusic/J. This fixes an issue that appears only on some JVMs (in this case, it seems to be Blackdown) where System.getenv(String) isn’t supported. However, it doesn’t fail gracefully, no…it throws an Error (not just an Exception even).

See these Sun bug reports for details. I think that in Java 1.5 they put it back in, and GCJ seems to handle it OK too, which is why I hadn’t noticed it in my testing. Good thing too, I think removing it to be a very short-sighted decision. It’s more ‘pure’, but so much less practical for real world things that I can’t believe they actually took it out at all.

Users of eMusic/J 0.19 don’t need to upgrade (and won’t be prompted to), nothing else has changed. This is just to help new users.

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