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Java file-locking issues on Linux (Ubuntu Dapper)?

I was playing with a test server for something I was working on, and one of the data files got corrupted. From the look of it, half way through one write process, another started, erased the file, wrote the new content, finished. Then the first one wrote the remainder of the data. This confused me… Read More »

Passing data to GWT

If you’re packaging a set of data into a class to pass to the client side of Google’s web toolkit, there are two things you must do for it to work. One is implement IsSerializable, the other is provide a no-args constructor.

Google Web Toolkit

Recently I’ve been using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for writing a web-based application (nothing I can talk about just yet 🙂 ). It’s a very nice way of building an AJAX-type web app in pure Java. You write the client-side code in much the same way as you would a typical Java GUI application,… Read More »