Going to Europe

By | June 9, 2008

I realised that I’d forgotten to mention this here, so now I’ll amend that.In July/August, I’ll be spending five weeks in Europe. I leave NZ on the 13th of July, and get back on the 22nd of August.It’s just for a holiday, so should be a fairly cruisy time. And I miss out on some winter, too.I’ll be going to the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (in that order). I have a few events to go to along the way, which is good for working out where to go when. In between times I’ll be visiting friends.The things I’m going to are:

If you’re really keen, you can view my itinerary (OpenOffice.org spreadsheet) which goes into more detail, although is still in a state of flux to a small extent.If anyone is going to be near where I’m going, give me a yell. Time permitting, I might be able to come visit. I’ll be taking my new toy (the small one) with me, so will be reachable by the usual methods.

2 thoughts on “Going to Europe

  1. Shin

    hey Robin
    hows it it mate? Good to know you are coming up here. I am in London as you know. There are quite a few Arana 99-ers here in London including Big Red and Kerri of course. We sure will have to catch up when you are here. What date are you going to be here? I will be away quite a bit myself cos of summer vacation. I will be in Israel 21 – 29 June and south of Italy 13 – 20 July. Let me know bro, it will be nice to catch up.
    I’m thinking very seriously of moving to Melbourne next year after London. What’s after Dunedin?


  2. Addy

    Nice..!!! Escaping winter here ay! Have fun…and hmmm…dont go doin what i wouldn’t do! hehe *wink wink nudge nudge*

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